Wednesday, August 24, 2005



* Located at the corner of Jalan Hang Tuah & Jalan Pudu
* Was built in 1895 (110 yers old)
* Built in 8.9 hectares area of Pudu
* Was officially closed in Oct 1996


* Public transport
* Monorail Jalan Imbi and Jalan Hang Tuah
* Public Cab
* Public bus


* Formerly was detaintion centre for criminals and drugs addicts
* During world war two - use to be home of foreign prisoner
* Tourist can only explore the impressive wall mural of tropical scenes painted by prisoner using their hand only
* Also a places where the punishment for all capital crimes were carried out
* transit criminal


* This 'X' shape prison consists of three storey and 240 cells with sixth-inch thick walls of cement, steel and bricks
* Officialyy given to UDA holdings in 18 May 1999 for redevelopment
* Can accommodate up to 800 - 900 inmates

Its also world longest mural.

By Jamaliah