Tuesday, October 25, 2005


The Tree of Riches Story

Several hundred years ago a Frenchman by the name of Charles Plumier became a botanist.Below is the legend about how this came about.

Plumier decided he would like to travel the world and get rich. A fortune teller told him: 'Search for a tree that grows near churches and graveyards; its blossoms are the color of the new moon; its fragrance will overpower your soul; if you uproot it, the leaves and flowers continue to grow. When you find it you shall be rich.'

Plumier traveled far and wide until at last he reached the West Indies. He went to an old woman known for her wisdom and described the tree that the fortune-teller had told him about. 'Do you know where such a tree is found?" he asked the wise woman. The old woman told him that she did indeed know of such a tree.

You must go to the church near here, at midnight, on a full-moon night. There you will see a tree spreading its branches along the wall. Shake the branches and you will soon see riches beyond imagining. Plumier did as he was told. He found a small, lovely tree and shook it.

Blossoms fell all around him, glistening like golden coins. The fragrance did overcome his soul, and he suddenly realized what real riches were: the calm beauty of the night, the sweet scent of the flowers, the peace of the churchyard. He stopped looking for material wealth and instead continued to look for wealth in nature, discovering many plants. The family of tree that he found was named 'plumeria' after him.


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