Monday, October 10, 2005


Popular legend casts the East Coast as the birthplace of wau, the country’s iconic symbol with crescent-shaped tailpiece, which is carried across the world by cultural missions and on the national airline. Flying giant kites or ‘wau’ is the traditional pastime of the Kelantanese people. In fact, there are several different types of kites used here. Kite making displays the unique craftsmanship of the people, as it requires expertise and a lot of patience. The art is usually handed down from father to son and they make wonderful souvenirs and gifts.

LOCATION in Kelantan:

Along Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kampung Redang and Kampung Kijang.

TYPES OF KITE: Each kite also comes with different design and size.

(Most Famous) Wau Bulan / baling (moon kite) - named because of its famous crescent-shaped tailpiece (Malaysian Airline System has chosen it as logo, to symbolize controlled flight.). Richly decorated with colourful patterns.

Wau Kuching (cat kite) - Similar like moon kite but has a hummer attached. Hummers have been used to lull the kite fliers to sleep, to frighten away evil spirits, and to forecast the following days weather.

Wau Sobek- used mostly used for decoration in many East Coast homes, is crafted with bamboo and cloth.


1. Bamboos being soaked in muds for two weeks (prevents the bamboo from being attacked by weevils, and make the bamboo more flexible). Then they use split bamboo to make the frame of the kite.

2. Then they cover the frame with tinted, shiny glazed paper.

3. Intricate floral cut-outs and designs are delicately pasted on this paper until the kite is ready for its final decoration of bright paper tassels.

4. A bow-shaped device is attached to the neck of the kite - this will provide a pleasant, high-pitched humming sound when the kite is flown on the sky.


Traditionally, after the harvesting of padi, the people will rejoice and take part in kite-flying sport, when farmers have spare time to decorate and fly these kites. Today, this event also happens in conjunction with the royal birthday celebrations.

Kite flying festivals can be found in Kelantan (M’sian traditional), Pasir Gudang (International Event), Sepang (Malaysian Open), Perlis (ASEAN kite festival),Langkawi( International) state. The person who possess kite that is superior in design and flying height will be the winner.



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