Thursday, April 06, 2006

LCC Terminal Experience

By Wendy
April 6

After the big race to be the first country to operate the 'World's First Low Cost Terminal' for budget airlines, Malaysia has managed to put it's name on the top of the list. Since then Singapore has also open one of it's own, called 'Budget Terminal'.

I had the chance to experience this new terminal after a few days of it's official opening. Bear in mind that currently there are no appointed taxi specifically for this terminal, so the KLIA taxi charges an extra RM15.00 on top of it's normal rate to the LCC Terminal if you called one up to take you there. Reason is ,the location of the airport is an extra 15 mins away so which explains the surcharge. You will passed by the F-I Sepang tracks just before reaching the terminal.

But for those who are travelling on budget, going down to KL Sentral to take the shuttle airport bus called 'Skybus', will be a good choice as they only charge RM9.00 for one-way trip and buses runs every hourly. Plenty of luggage area even for those big suitcases and very comfortable. So if you are not in a hurry, my advised is for you to take the airport from the KL Sentral. On board the flight, you can also purchase the tickets from the crew members for the same price.

No worries also for those with international connecting flight at KLIA, shuttle service are available for RM1. 50 (free now until 1 May 2006). Pick-up Point: Platform 8, bus station at Ground Floor, Car Park C
What greets you upon arrival at the terminal is it's simplicity of the airport. Just a basic facilities but which are deemed to provide comfort for the passengers without the extra frills.

For those who are hungry, rest assured that McDonald has stamped it's mark on the terminal and the other one is the Asian Kitchen which offer local food such as nasi lemak, etc. Both are doing buzzing business as they are currently the only two restaurants located in that area.

Parking facilities are available at the airport for RM1 for the first 2hours, and Rm2 for the subsequent hours.

There's also a small bookshop, dutyfrees and pharmacy for you to do your last minute shopping before your flight departure.

The check-in counters forms a 'L' shaped type with just the basic board to inform of you of the counters to head for according to your destination. One must screen through their luggages through the machines before proceeding to the counters for check-in luggage, unlike the international flight at KLIA. Just a slight inconvenience which shouldn't take too long of your time.

There's isn't much to see so bring a book to read if you are going there early. The airconditioning unit will keep you cool so bring a sweater if you are departing in the early morning or at night.

Once you passed through the immigration at the departure, just rows of chairs occupied the main concourse and several more dutyfree shops for you to occupied your time. No big boards in here to inform you of your flight. Just a simple digital one are located on the exit doors on top, which are used by several flights at the same time. So listen carefully on the announcement.

Well..being a low cost terminal, no aerobridge are built in this terminal. So if your departure is in the afternoon, put on your sunblock and hat on as the journey from the terminal to the aircraft is a distance walk away. And you have to queue up on the single staircase to enter the aircraft. The exercise will do you good for those who wish to lose weight but under the hot sun with your hand-carry, it's not everyone dream start of a holiday. (pity the stewardess who seems to get the blame from the passengers because of this, spare a thought to them if you are the passengers because as the name says it's a 'LOW COST CARRIER TERMINAL'.) The airport tax are also cheaper compared to those flight departing from KLIA. So looking for comfort and frills, take MAS.

Arrival area are service by two baggage belts with trolleys for free. My-Kad reader are also available for Malaysians. Dutyfree items can be bought before exiting the customs by producing your passport.

Overall I can sum up this terminal as being practical and also much better than other international airports I've been too. Don't expect international airport's facilities, because we are travelling on budget.

How to Get There:

KL Sentral to LCC Terminal Bus Shuttle

Operator : Nareco (M) Sdn Bhd
Pick-up point : Lower Ground Floor Bus Station, facing open air car park and Jalan Tun Sambanthan
Fare: Rm9.00 per pax (one-way)
Interval : 15 - 30 minutes
First Bus : 3.30am from KL Sentral, 7.15am from LCCT
Last Bus : 7.30pm from KL Sentral, 2.00am from LCCT